Project AFTER
An open world fantasy RPG that takes place in a randomly generated world. Incorporates action adventure, city-building, and dungeon crawling elements.

Runs on the studio's in-house OpenGL engine, developed specifically for excessively large worlds on average computers.

Currently is the studio's main project.

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A platform puzzle game with some combat heavy sections and minor adventure game elements.

Developed in Game Maker.

Side project of studio member Joshua "Skarik" Boren, with additional editing and support from the rest of the studio.

14 April 2014 by skarik
April 13th 2014

Getting more content into the game!

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4 April 2014 by skarik
April 4th 2014

CSG is a pain! Here's some pictures that don't use CSG!

EHS now has a Twitter and a Tumblr. Website will getting a new layout soon. Public unstable SVN may be accessed now too, login details in the forum.

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29 March 2014 by skarik
March 29th 2014

New engine feature: Hybrid deferred and forward renderer. Might be more impressive that this breaks nothing.

(only one geometry pass compared to forward mode's four so yay)

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26 March 2014 by skarik
March 26th 2014

New engine feature: render with replacement + matched camera + forward renderer.

Slowly adding pretty.
Deferred renderer will come after this

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24 March 2014 by skarik
March 24th 2014

New renderer is some sort of magic because this runs at 200+ FPS on my Intel HD 4000

Almost like it's a modern game
and skilltrees work

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Oh yeah by skarik
March 8th 2014

Rendering works again

Terrain still refuses to work on Intel HD 4000 without engine complaining

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20 February 2014 by skarik
February 21st 2014

Was working on getting system 3 out of 5 working again, but the update to the driver along with small changes caused Nvidia driver to endlessly crash. ATI it runs fine, as usual. Regardless, the game development is on hold as the engine gets a rework on the rendering side. This new renderer is four parts despair and one part excitement for me, as while it had to be done eventually, I was hoping to postpone it until more gameplay was done.

Why not have the first proper trailer be in a proper engine renderer?

Anyways, every version is backed up if this goes bad. Here's a screenshot of the version with 2 out of 5 systems working.

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14 February 2014 by skarik
February 14th 2014

Progress is slow. Still have five more game systems to modify to the new block indexing.

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5 February 2014 by skarik
February 5th 2014

The project is not dead. There has been a lot of work done on the engine. One massive change has been performed in respect for the terrain system. While the game is more stable than ever before, most gameplay mechanics relating to terrain need to be recreated. Other changes involve the removal of almost all load screens, and various small performance enhancements. For example, there is no more stuttering when loading models in.

Currently, I'm coding this project solo. I have responsibilities with school that must come first, and thus progress to the next demo will be slow.

As a sampler, here is a debug screenshot from January 4th. For scale, the divet in the center is about six feet deep.

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16 December 2013 by skarik
December 17th 2013

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