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An open world fantasy RPG that takes place in a randomly generated world. Incorporates action adventure, city-building, and dungeon crawling elements.

Runs on the studio's in-house OpenGL engine, developed specifically for excessively large worlds on average computers.

Project of studio's TEAM B.

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A platform puzzle game with some combat heavy sections and minor adventure game elements.

Developed in Game Maker.

Side project of studio member Joshua "Skarik" Boren.

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Withstand Apotheosis Release by skarik
July 31st 2015

Withstand Apotheosis, the game I've been working on in my free time, has been released on Steam and Itch.io. Pick it up to support EpicHouse Studios!
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An Update! by skarik
February 21st 2015

Here's a video in which Chiefmasamune and I blab about AFTER.

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Website Improvements by skarik
November 25th 2014

It has been a while since an update! After releasing a beta of Withstand: Apotheosis last month, I've been very busy with other life-related events.

However, over the last few days I've managed to put together some proper pages for the studio's published items. It should be more straightforward to browse between projects now.
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25 May 2014 by skarik
May 26th 2014

Some news! The last few weeks have been pretty busy, so we've neglected to post any updates.

First things first: we will not be holding our Kickstarter Campaign for AFTER this month. It is to be delayed until it's ready, but it still will be this summer.

Second, last week a gameplay video of sorts was posted for AFTER. It's on Youtube! It shows a desert area and some basic combat and movement gameplay in AFTER.

Finally, more related to our other game Withstand. I recently interviewed about it by an new up-and-coming Youtube channel. It can be found here, for all curious about that game!
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Greenlight and Status Update by skarik
May 11th 2014

Hello everybody! It's been a long past few weeks where at least a few people on the AFTER team were ultra busy with finals and last minute (sleepless) school projects. While I'm technically still not done with schoolwork, we're gearing ourselves back to some real (sleepless) development!

Our Greenlight submission has snuck its way to the top 100 while we were busy studying. Some of us are tempted to celebrate, but we already did that last week and don't have any more money left for celebrating in the budget. Instead, we're "celebrating" by working some more. Big thanks to everyone who has voted on it and all the comments left behind. We try to get to reading every one - even the ones we need to run through Google Translate. The support really does mean a lot us!

More updates "soon!"
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3 May 2014 by skarik
May 3rd 2014

I've been mostly working on engine optimizations. I've managed to get the game running at a solid 20/30d FPS on my laptop, which is much better than the awful 5/5d FPS when I was recording content. On ChiefMasamune's desktop, it's now running at a solid 25 FPS. On my roommate's beefy desktop, it's now running upwards of 150 FPS with only minor stuttering when the terrain shifts. Rejoice, you nerds of entitlement.

(The two number framerate measure refers to the different render modes. The first number is the old-school forward renderer. The second number is the half-broken deferred renderer. For instance, 20/30d means 20 FPS forward, 30 FPS deferred.)

Fun technical stuff: turns out discard is faster that alphatest. In retrospect, that's fairly obvious. Rewrote the order of the engine, so now the bottleneck is entirely in the video card: without counting SwapBuffers, it takes about 8ms preparing a frame, but rendering in its entirety takes about 50ms per frame. Having multiple characters on screen has been massively optimized. Though it's not yet much, the engine can handle about five characters on screen without badly dropping the framerate on my laptop. Past there, it drops badly. The joys of making an engine from scratch.
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14 April 2014 by skarik
April 13th 2014

Getting more content into the game!

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4 April 2014 by skarik
April 4th 2014

CSG is a pain! Here's some pictures that don't use CSG!

EHS now has a Twitter and a Tumblr. Website will getting a new layout soon. Public unstable SVN may be accessed now too, login details in the forum.

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29 March 2014 by skarik
March 29th 2014

New engine feature: Hybrid deferred and forward renderer. Might be more impressive that this breaks nothing.

(only one geometry pass compared to forward mode's four so yay)

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26 March 2014 by skarik
March 26th 2014

New engine feature: render with replacement + matched camera + forward renderer.

Slowly adding pretty.
Deferred renderer will come after this

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